How Do I want To Feel? 2017 Goals

For the past couple of years I have set goals for 6 categories. This year 2017 isn’t just going to be about crossing things off my list, it’s going to be about how I want to feel.2017 Goals

Being off for the last 10 months has given me time to think about who I am, and the person that I want to be.  I’ve come  long way in overcoming my anxiety and PTSD but this year I want to take things further.   There are certain people and situations both past and present that have been and are triggers for me. These triggers open folders in my subconscious reminding my of a hurt from my past.  I react to these triggers with the fight of a heavy weight champion, consuming me with a disproportionate anger  that is exhausting.

For 2017 I want my life to be less about drama and the desire to be in control.  Focusing on nurturing important aspects of myself and my life, such as my well being- mental and physical- my relationships, and my career.  In 2017 I want to feel calm and balanced, I want to forgive the past, release the future and SHOW UP for the present.

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2016 Year End Recap

2016b Year end RecapThe end of the year provides a wonderful opportunity to look back on the last year of experiences and reflect on how they have shaped and changed us.  It also signals the start of a new and exciting year full of possibility.  Soon I’ll share my goals for 2017 but before I do its good practice to first to look back on the year.  Celebrate successes, acknowledge areas where I may have fallen short.  Identify what I can improve upon,  and simply reflect on the year and the impact it has made.  Without further ado….my 2016 Year End Recap

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Top 3 Blog Posts of 2016

With only days  left in 2016 its time to look back on my second year blogging;  My readership didn’t grow as much as I would have liked.  However I received tons of encouraging feedback Top Blog posts 2016and some great exposure.  This year my focus was more on family then fitness,  as I  adjusted to my new role as Mother and life with a baby.

I fell short of my 2016 goal-  minimum of 2 blog posts a month.  In retrospect that goal might have been a bit too ambitious for a new mom. 😉  But did manage to post a blog every month, and two a month for the last quarter of the year.

As we close out 2016, I am recapping my top 3 blog posts of the year.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The holidays are a time when you reflect — on holidays past, the year past, those you have known, and even who you once were. For many, the holidays are very much about memories and traditions formed in childhood.  Our memories make up the story of our life that exists in our mind.   These memories can give us comfort, direction, inspiration, and hope.

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Gift Ideas for the Runner on your Nice List

gifts runners


With just over a week till Christmas you might be scrambling  to finish your holiday shopping.   If you have a runner on your Christmas list and have no idea what to get them, do not fear!   Below is a list of thoughtful and fun gift ideas, whatever your budget.

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Motherhood- adjusting to the New Me

img_7955No matter how many people tried to warn me nothing prepared me for Motherhood.

Once I stopped expecting motherhood to feel warm and fuzzy all the time life got much easier. Its helped to give myself permission to feel frustrated, angry, and tired sometimes.  It doesn’t make me a bad parent, its just normal.

Here are ten things that  I am trying to keep in mind as I adjust to my new role- Mother.

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Postnatal Exercise Do’s & Don’ts

Postnatal ExerciseWith 8 months of postnatal exercise and recovery behind me  here is my list of Do’s and Don’ts  .If you have something to add, or a different experience I would love to hear from you.

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Cooking with Berry Nourished

I have been trying some recipes from one my my favoriteimg_1164 cooking blogs:  Berry Nourished.  For those of you not familiar with this blog, Carolyn Berry is a local Registered Dietitian.  Her articles have been featured in the Vancouver Gastropost, and Huffington Post BC.   Carolyn has talked about healthy snacking on CBC News,  and teaches a cooking workshop at Thompson Community Center, called Wealth of Healthy Cooking.  Adrian and I had the pleasure of attending one of these workshops in February.img_6657

I met Carolyn teaching spin class….and like many people in my life 😉 ( how I met Adrian) a friendship blossomed.   I highly recommend checking out her blog, and giving some of her recipes a try.   Below are a couple I recently tried with success.

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Postnatal Fitness- The Jogging Stroller

Jogging StrollerWith months of Pelvic Floor conditioning behind me and my little guy getting bigger, this month I hit the pavement with my jogging stroller.  I was fortunate enough to be given an InStep Fixed Wheel Jogger which I am happy with so far.   I knew using a jogging stroller would be hard but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Part of the struggle might have had something to do with the year that has passed since my last outdoor run. 😉 My runs to date are more for sanity than speed, read on for my observations and suggestions.

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Moving- What Makes a House a Home?

profileWe had been renting a 1318ft2  three bedroom unit in a 4-plex for the last five years.  We were already bursting at the seams of our home before the arrival of our newest member, with the babies’ arrival it became just plain stressful.  With the Nursery in our living room sleep training was impossible. The windows were single pane making it stifling in the summers and FREEZING in the winter.  We shared laundry with three other families, leaving Sundays as our designated laundry day.  For a family of five none of this was ideal.

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