Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother's Day- About the kids tooFor the last six years I have enjoyed the privilege of having someone else’s children in my home for part of Mother’s day. It is not until last year that I was able to celebrate this day with my own child.  Holidays, including Mother’s Day,  are important to me.   I try to foster this attitude in my children.

Over the years I have reminded them of holidays.  Encouraging them to make cards, work on crafts, or taking them out to purchase a little something for their Mother.  It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t help my stepchildren with gifts for their Mothers on holidays.  Why wouldn’t I? She is the reason I am blessed.

Why would I want to help celebrate a woman who was once married to my partner? Because it’s not about her. It’s about the fabulous children she brought into my life.  She is the giver of their lives, their birth mother. I am the woman who provided them with a little brother, who will one day marry them and their father.  I am the women who loves them the best I can.  They may not have grown in my belly, under my heart for nine months, but they’ve Mother, daughter and son planting flowers together.grown in my heart for 6 years.

Teaching kids to honor and appreciate the caregivers in their life plants the seed of thoughtfulness and consideration.  With time this seed will bloom into characteristics of kindness and emotional intelligence. Therefore Mother’s Day isn’t just for Mom, its an important day for kids too.

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing Mothers, Step-Mothers, Foster Mothers and caregivers. Enjoy your handmade treasures, breakfasts in bed, or family brunches.




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