Making a SPLASH at Big Splash WaterPark- My Review

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As some of you may already know I have recently become Instagram famous with a repost by @bigsplashpark. 😉  With my new found fame I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a FUN post.  So if you are looking to make a  splash this summer at the new and improved Big Splash WaterPark read on for my review.

As a kid I attended the park under the previous name Splash Down Park, I was curious to see the changes under the ownership. I hadn’t set foot into the park in over ten years so its hard to do a detailed comparison.  However the overall consensus was that the park has received a much need face-lift, its  much cleaner and offers more energy and excitement.

I have to admit it initially felt quite strange going to a water slide. Put simply, I kind of forgot how water parks worked because it had been so long, but as soon as I made it down my first slide, it all came back to me – water parks are FUN, no matter how old you are or what level of slide you are riding.

Our Experience:

Big Splash Waterpark ReviewWith a toddler we arrived promptly at opening (10:30 am) to accommodate his nap schedule, as a result slide lineups were minimal.  They make it VERY clear that outside food and drinks are not allowed but they didn’t protest to bringing in my toddlers snack and baby food.  This immediately put me at ease because I was ready to fight that one.

We set up near the Splash Pad and Kids Zone because that is where I expected to spend most of my time.  Adrian spent his time riding the biggest slides with our oldest boy, while I spent most of my time in the kid’s zone with our youngest.  Which leads me to my biggest surprise, don’t underestimate the Kid Zone.  You can get some pretty good speed on those small slides. 😉Big Splash Waterpark- My review

My biggest disappointment was that the water in the Kids Zone was cold, not kiddy pool temperature. For a 17 months old my little guy’s teeth were chattering between slides and the water was too cold to stay in for any length of time.  To combat this we would take breaks and head over to the Solar Splash area where the water was much warmer. This also provided the chance to watch his big brother and Dad ride the bigger slides.

With and infant and a nap schedule we only stayed for a couple of hours leaving around 12:45pm. This is around the time that the lines started to form so it worked out perfectly.  Since we were only there for a few hours we didn’t order any food so I cannot tell you much about their food and drink menu. I can tell you that I didn’t hear anything bad about it from the group I was with, so that is saying something.

Our Highlights:

Kids splash Pad:

Sneaky Soaker tipping buckets, 2 Splash Blaster water cannons, and a Funbrella.

Being a regular at the Steveston water park this wasn’t much of a draw for my little guy, but a great way to warm him up to the park atmosphere.

Junior Splash:

For young riders, grab a friend and race down the gently sloped ramp.

Although my  little one was tentative about the slides at first he enjoyed himself. Just be prepared for colder water for little ones, not kiddy pool temperature.

Eddy’s Eagle Run:

Jump into a tube and journey with Eddy through 320’ of rushing cascades! Tube Slide: Maximum load is 300 lbs. Single rider only. Recommended height is 48” to ride.

Always a popular ride this was the first to get a line-up so make it your first stop.

Solar Splash:

Grab a friend or ride solo! Enter the black hole and have the ride of your life as you plummet through pitch darkness until you suddenly plunge into the waiting pool! Tube slide: Maximum load is 900 lbs. Must be 48” to ride this slide.

This area is located behind the Kid Zone, and as I mentioned the water is much warmer here.  I rode the Black hole a couple of times and have to say it was a lot of fun. There is something exhilarating about not being able yo see where your going.

Kamkaze Slide

Like a lightning bolt, blaze through a complex of twists and turns and end up with a splash into the waiting pool. Body Slide: Maximum load is 300 lbs. Single rider only. Recommended height is 48” to ride.

I didn’t get a chance to ride this one, by the time I could get away the line was too long.  Adrian and friends both rode it and the general consensus was that it was thrilling.  The slide bends and curves making it a lot of fun, you pick up lots of speed and it whips you up high walls at the turns.

Here are some practical tips , if you’re planning a visit:

  • Arrive early there was a line-up at opening
  • Waterproof sunscreen lotion is a must. The water park is mostly out in the open and with minimal clothing on, you’ll want to avoid any sunburn
  • Goes without saying but bring proper swimming attire.
  • Outside food not permitted
  • Lockers are available for rent for $5 plus a $5 deposit

HEre are a few Quick links:

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary Park admission through my amazing employer The Great Little Box Company however I have received no monetary compensation for this this review.







11 thoughts on “Making a SPLASH at Big Splash WaterPark- My Review

  1. Darlene Dee says:

    Looks like fun but I definitely cannot stand when water at a splash park is cold. That might ruin my whole day — even if the kids didn’t care.
    However, the pictures look awesome and hopefully it warmed up later in the day.

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