Healthy Thanksgiving Tips- Enjoy the Turkey, Avoid Feeling Stuffed.

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Thanksgiving is time to be grateful and spend time with our loved ones, however the festivities tend to add a few extra pounds to our waistline. To help avoid tipping the scale this holiday season, follow these healthy Thanksgiving tips:

Eat small, before you eat big- There is no greater temptation than a buffet full of delicious Thanksgiving dishes. Eating something small an hour before meal time will fill your stomach just enough so you won’t pile your plate too high. Stick to your normal, daily routine to keep your blood sugar level.

Hit the gym before you eat- Even a quick 15 minute workout can help release endorphins and increase your metabolism. Don’t have time for the gym? Get outside for a walk or play a game of tag with your kids. Something is better than nothing!

Take your time eating- Slow-down and enjoy every bite. Try setting down your fork after each bite and chewing thoroughly. Also, drink a glass of water or milk with your meal, to fill you up. Listen to your body and ask yourself if you’re full and satisfied.

Limit leftovers- We know this is the best part, but limiting leftovers will help you not to overindulge later on. Limit left overs to a few healthier items, such as: turkey and vegetables. It is important to keep healthy foods around in order to be successful, when it comes to your eating habits.

Use a smaller plate- Try using a salad plate instead of a full size dinner plate. If there is less food on your plate, you are likely to eat less food. You’ll be surprised how full you actually feel after eating off a smaller plate.

Participate in a Turkey Trot- Joining a Turkey Trot can also serve as a fun group activity for the family, because the events are family-friendly and allow all ages to participate.

In your living in the Vancouver area check out the Granville Island Turkey Trot. This 10km run takes place Monday October 9th, with a 1km kids run on the Sunday. Register soon it tends to sell out.

Drink water all weekend long.  Drink plenty of water. Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate your body. Drink calorie-free water to help fill up your stomach and keep you hydrated. Drinking water also helps curb overeating.

HEALTHY Thanksgiving substitutes:

  • Ingredients is a great place to find healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce the amount of oil and butter used in your recipes.
  • Try fat-free and lower sodium broths.
  • Use a natural sweetener instead of sugar where possible.
  • Use almond milk and other non-dairy milk to save on fat and calories and increase nutrition.
  • Opt for roasted and steamed veggies instead of fried.
  • Use super-healthy sweet potatoes instead of regular white potatoes.
  • Substitute sour cream with fat free plain yogurt
  • Replace soda with water
  • Eat white meat instead of dark meat of the Turkey

If you are anything like me…..  you may eat too much and needed to lay on the floor after.  Don’t get discouraged with yourself,  accept that you had a great meal and move forward. Long-term success is a journey littered with holidays and celebrations. Jump right back into the swing of your normal routine, and remember you’ve got to live a little too.





42 thoughts on “Healthy Thanksgiving Tips- Enjoy the Turkey, Avoid Feeling Stuffed.

  1. Jeuelle says:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, hands down… It brings in the Christmas season, starting the festivities with family gatherings, warm fuzzy feelings and full bellies lol. These are very good tips for enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday circumventing many of the “hangover” effects. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Star harford says:

    Im amused by the idea of a turkey trot! Ive never heard of that before. I love your advice although at christmas my way of doing it is to over indulge and diet through january

  3. Lavanda michelle says:

    Thanksgiving is around the corner and we all can use a little tips to stay fit and avoid the shame the next day. I usually go for a long walk thanksgiving morning and pick apple with my hubby and Girls. It is very fun and it makes me less guilty. I usually pack the left overs and take them to the homeless shelter and donate the meal prep containers.

  4. Tatiana Sieff says:

    You always have the best fitness posts! I feel super motivated now & Thanksgiving isn’t even a day we partake in in the UK – I just needed this kick up the butt… gonna do a workout video now!

  5. lexieanimetravel says:

    What a great healthy tips you got here, and its true whenever you buy something process foods try to look at at least its ingredients, you must know what it contains not just consuming it. Try fat-free products and natural ones, try to buy non process foods is way better and cook it at home. That’s more healthier.

  6. Valentina says:

    Always so many great tips on your blog! We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here but I definitely need to start practice most of your tips on the daily life! Christmas is also coming soon! Leftovers are my week spot!!

    • VenusFitness-Shannon says:

      Thanks for stopping by, thrilled to hear you find healthy inspiration. These tips are definitely transferable to any holiday dinner.

  7. Ashley says:

    AMAZING tips! And I love your “Eat this, not that” graphic! it really shows how some simple substitutions can really save you a ton of calories! But truly, i should work out before guest arrive lol

    • VenusFitness-Shannon says:

      Thanks for stopping by and the positive feedback!! Working out before will also release endorphins so you’ll be an extra charming hostess. ?

  8. Ching says:

    Oh my gosh, can you believe we’re already taliking about Thanksgiving? ! My favorite time of the year is upon us and it seems to be racing by so quickly. These are great tips. Here’s my thought process, I indulge during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners because they are major events to enjoy. One or two meals of indulging won’t hurt. BUT, I do follow those tips you gave throughout the year and watch what I eat. I only do that so I can eat what I want during holidays.

  9. Saint Facetious says:

    I think hitting the gym is definitely the best advice. When I was growing up, we’d always have a morning soccer match with the neighbors. The eating a small meal before is a good idea too, buuuut, it’s thanksgiving, so I want to gorge myself! 😀

  10. Abbigayle Warner says:

    ah i love thanksgiving! unfortunately Ill be in England this year so there will be no celebrating for me ! These tips are super helpful , especially the smaller plate . We tend to get carried away 🙂

  11. Luci says:

    Really helpful tips. I will have use these tips for Thanksgiving. I use Almondmilk already with I do any cooking and you really can’t tell the difference.

  12. Rose says:

    I tend to eat a little nicer on Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t say I over eat but I would say I eat more that day. Def less exercise because the gym is closed but maybe I’ll fit in a walk around the block.

  13. Akshay Malhotra says:

    I truly believe that healthy eating and well balanced diet can make your stay on this earth more comfortable and enjoyable otherwise you get surrounded by disease. I loved your tips definitely open up some new thoughts on what to eat and how to eat.

  14. Julie Syl says:

    This is such a great tips. We always celebrate Thanksgiving and this is the best tips I have heard. I will definitely be pinned this.

  15. Dr. K. Lee Banks says:

    These are excellent tips to enjoy this big holiday next month – or really, any big event’s meal (I’m going to a wedding this weekend!) It’s true that we tend to overeat just because there is so much good food ( and not so good treats, often), sometimes food we don’t eat often during the rest of the year. Moderation is key!

  16. Elizabeth O says:

    What a great tips for Thanksgiving. We always loved to celebrate the Thanksgiving. I will look forward into your tips.

  17. Danielle @ Follow My Gut says:

    I can’t believer we’re already almost at thanksgiving! That reality aside, I always stuff myself so this year I’m trying to do better and I love these tips. Working out before I eat sounds like the one I can definitely do. It’s basically doing my body right and then eating all night. Sounds like a win win to me =]

    Danielle | <3

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