Granville Island 10km Turkey Trot- Race Recap

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This past Monday was the 20th annual Granville Island Turkey Trot, a family friendly 10K run/walk hosted by RUNVAN.®

A scenic 10KM course that starts at Granville Island and loops over the Burrard Bridge to the north side Seawall before turning at Science World and heading back along the south side Seawall, finishing at Performance Works on Granville Island.

My Little and I participated making it the farthest race we have done together, read on for my race recap.


  • Lively and fun ambiance –  many turkey and pumpkin pie costumes.
  •  Route– Inspiring route further enhanced by the beautiful weather.
  • Kilometer markers – Clearly marked which was helpful motivation with a Little.
  • Race entry supports local charity- enough said


  • Burrard Street Bridge – The path open to runners was narrow making navigating with a jogging stroller challenging.
  • Finish Line Space- Energy and party at the finish line was fantastic, however the finish line corral was tight for space making it tricky to navigate with a jogging stroller.


Speed and statistic wise I ran the best 10km with my stroller to date.  The route and the weather was fantastic so the time and kilometers flew by.

The little guy didn’t fair quite as well. I knew 10 km was going to be a bit longer of a run for him but I prepared for it, and hoped that the race ambiance would entertain him.  He started fussing between the 5-8km and eventually crying. I tried everything, toys, Mummums, Baby food, Bottle, animal sounds…nothing satisfied him.  Fortunately around the 9km marker we found a dog on the route which helped distract him.  We were able to cross the finish line without tears.

Advice with a jogging stroller

  • Bring: Mummums, Baby food,Water, Bottle, and a variety of toys that they CANNOT throw out of the stroller.
  • Make sure all of these items are easily accessible while running.
  • This goes for any race: when passing be prepared to yell…”Stroller on your left./right”

In the future I will hold off on the water and try the toys first.  Any running Mamma’s out there with tips for running with kids? Would love to hear from you!


Absolutely!  It’s a fun race for non-runners and PB-seekers alike, providing a great way to burn off those Thanksgiving calories while giving back to the community.













42 thoughts on “Granville Island 10km Turkey Trot- Race Recap

  1. Roger D Willis says:

    I’d like to participate in something like this, that also has the option of walking. I don’t see myself running in the near future, having hip muscle issues and lower back discomfort.

  2. Claudia Krusch says:

    This looks like a ton of fun. I would love to go if we were in the are. I will have to look for something similar near me.

  3. E H says:

    We used to live in Vancouver, and this was THE best place to walk at. I would have enjoyed it very much to go on this neat race. I am not much of a runner, but I would love to walk there just to enjoy the area. We live only a couple of hours away in Seattle, maybe I’ll try this next year

  4. Dr. K. Lee Banks says:

    Wow, good for you, not just running this race, but doing it with your little one in a stroller! I’m not a runner, but I think I would enjoy walking this route. It looks like fun, scenic, and as you said, the ambiance seems appealing.

  5. Claudia Krusch says:

    I have always wanted to do a race like this. I know I would have to do a lot of training before I could ever do one. You must feel so good!

  6. Blair villanueva says:

    Glad you had a fantastic experience. I would like to see runners in turkey costumes 🙂 Is there a prize for the best turkey outfit?

  7. Candy Rachelle says:

    I’ve always wished I were a runner but I don’t like it one bit. I always envy those who do! My fiance does these runs and he always wants me to also. But I never could with him because he’s so advanced and I would just slow him down.

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    • VenusFitness-Shannon says:

      My fiancé does them with me but we don’t run together. We both prefer to run at our own pace and meet at the end.

  8. Nicole says:

    I was always curious if a jogger stroller was really worth it! It seems like it worked out really great for you, I’ll have to look into one. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This sounds like it is a great race for the whole family. It is awesome they have a race like this so families can do an outside activity together. Thanks for sharing your experience and the race.

  10. Jeanette says:

    Looks like you have your child all bundled up for this race. I hope she had as much fun with it as you did. I can definitely see drinking less and toys first would probably help in a race. Stopping to go to the bathroom or change it diaper definitely does not help with the time of the race.

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