How Do I Want to Feel? 2017 Goals Recap

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For 2017 I wanted my life to be less about drama and the desire to be in control.  Focusing on nurturing important aspects of myself and my life, such as my well being- mental and physical- my relationships, and my career.  In 2017 I wanted to feel calm and balanced, I wanted to forgive the past, release the future and SHOW UP for the present.

My 2017 recap and 2018 goal setting post will be part of a THREE part SERIES.  In this post I will review my wins for 2017 as well as the areas I fell short.  Stay tuned for Part two and Three,  where I will review my goal setting process, offer a FREE workbook for download, and share my 2018 goals and #2018Feels.

I hope you follow along and we can work together to make 2018 OUR best year yet!

So how have I been doing?

In 2015 we created a miracle, and took the kids to Disneyland.  Then in 2016 we welcomed our little miracle into our lives. It was hard to imagine another year full of as much love and excitement as the last two, but we did it again!  

We enjoyed a romantic engagement that we were able to share with our kids. Complete with a beautiful antique family heirloom that just happens to be both our son and my birthstone. If this wasn’t enough we were able to enjoy three vacations and lots of family time.

At my 6 month check-in  I added  Peace and Release to my #2017Feels.  I  said I would practice meditation at least once a week for the next year to help keep me focused. I was able to “loosely” incorporate this into my stretching routine, but have a long way to go in the mediation department.

Fitness Goals

  1. Calm and balanced- I was able to find a routine that enabled me to fit in 4-5 workouts a week.  Complete with cardio and weight training. SUCCESS!
  2. Healthy and Strong –  Attended the objected TRX classes helping me feel healthy and strong.  Success!
  3. Inspired and Elated- Despite falling short with my feelings with my intended goal. I did find inspiration with my goal for feeling healthy and strong. Success! 
  4. Bold and Challenged – I fell short in this department. I was unable to compete in the intended triathlon and with the hectic demands of  being a working Mother  I didn’t peruse this further.
  5. Empowered and Invigorated –  I fell short here.  We were on vacation when this event took place so although I didn’t achieve my goal or the intended feelings. I traded these feelings for feelings of  rest,  relaxation and love. Sounds like a win to me! 😉

2017 FeelsPersonal Development

  1. Happy and Connected-  Despite the kids varying ages and our relentless schedules we have achieved regular family fun activities. The real win for me is that the kids actually enjoy spending time as a family and make it a priority.  Through this quality time we have continued to feel happy and connected. Success!
  2. Abundant and Thankful-  For each month of the year I would write a note to someone I admire. Letting them know why they inspire me and thanking them for being them. As I mentioned in my 6 month check-on this project got off to a great start at the beginning of the year, resulting in overwhelming feelings of abundance and thankfulness. I am happy to report that  through  email and Facebook Messenger I  have been able to reach my 12 people. Success!
  3. PRESENT– I have been setting affirmations daily and intentions weekly.  They have been helpful reminders and I have been working on being present.   Instead of rushing out the door for work, if my Little wants to do the ABC dance…..I take that moment.  If my oldest needs me for a personal crisis I clear my calendar and am available for round the clock council  and emotional support.  Being present for those moments are most important.   Success!

Fun Goals

  1. l Adventurous and Alive-  As I said in my 6 month check in I fell short in many of the hiking goals. however was able to complete a 6km walk along the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet B.C.  Not only did it invoke feeling of adventure and vitality its wild beauty Inspired and Amazed me.  Success!
  2.  Carefree and Playfulness:  I set out to complete a minimum of four dance classes at Tantra Fitness Richmond.  I fell short only completing one of the four classes. However the class didn’t really evoke the exact feelings I was looking for. What did was… shopping with my Little and making Mr. Monkey attack and eat all the bananas while my Little squealed with laughter. I consider that a Success!
  3. Romance and Love: Hello we got ENGAGED!!  Besides this amazingly romantic beach proposal. We were able to maintain our Monthly dates, and even threw in a 90 minute couples massage for good measure. Success!
  4.  Rested and Relaxed:  Three vacations this summer helped me not only to feel rested and relaxed but also happy and connected with my family. Success! 

BUSINESS GOALS2017 Goals Recap

Accomplished & Confident :

  • I achieved 2 blog posts a month.
  • Rather than increase my website traffic by 50%.  Knocked this out of the park by increasing my  website traffic by over 327% .
  • I increased my Facebook page likes 35%
  • Increased my Instagram following by 538
  • I added a  Pintrest account and have over 400 followers
  • Doubled my overall readership
  • Increased my engagement by 30%
  • Nominated by my peers for a Liebster Awards.

I was able to accomplish this while returning to my full time job, and becoming a working Mom.  I would say HUGE SUCCESS in all areas! 


  1. Prosperous-  Success! it was a modest goal but my 5% increase was achieved.
  2. Financially stable- I have successfully contributed to my RRSP plans but have yet to add to my TSFA.  Partial success.
  3. Responsible-  Partial success.  Still working on  chipping down that unsecured debt .  I have continued with my sons RESP and added additional life insurance  coverage. Estate planning is still pending.

Closing out 2017…….

We have had lucky enough to have had three incredible years, and  2018 and 2019 aren’t going to disappoint.  So as I close the door on another inspiring  year of Family, Fun and Fitness I open another door to the possibility 2018 has to offer and the #FEELS that it will bring.

Wish you a Happy Holiday and Joyous New Year!

May 2018 be your best year yet!

27 thoughts on “How Do I Want to Feel? 2017 Goals Recap

  1. Melinda says:

    What a great recap of this past year! I like how you have broken it up into the different categories. Every year growing up, my mom used to have us set goals at the beginning of the year, check in mid-way, and then review how we had done at the end of the year. Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder of prioritizing, planning and reviewing. Here’s to another successful, intentional year!

  2. Nisi says:

    You did pretty good as far as goals I’d say. I think I will try to lengthen my goals – rather than this month or this season and try a full year and see what gets done. I will definitely try to incorporate # two and let other know how much I admire/love them at least once a month.

  3. Emily Fata says:

    It’s incredible that you’re able to reflect so well on your year, and that you’ve set amazing goals for yourself for 2018. I wish you the best of luck in 2018 and hope that it’s filled with happiness! 🙂

  4. Dia Darling says:

    I really like how you laid this all out. The truth of the matter all of our actions are the result of trying to reach a certain feeling. We want to lose weight to feel healthy. I want to make money so I feel less stress about my debt…etc. I think by deciding how we want to feel we can plan the right goals.

  5. Autumn says:

    Looks like you had a hectic year and did a pretty good job on reaching your goals. I need to capture my accomplishments and goals like this. Thank you for the inspiration. Hope you have a great 2018!

    • VenusFitness-Shannon says:

      Yes I found it incredibly effective and it was a learning experience too. Some of the goals I set to achieve feeling were off.

  6. Crystal says:

    I love your positive outlook on the year. You had some great goals and while you didn’t acheive everything, you worked really hard and should be so proud of yourself.

  7. Amy Dong says:

    Very, very nice that you were able to place various goals in different categories. I’ve never done that, as I typically have one main goal that is usually relational in nature (probably because I’m in the thick of raising a family of kiddos right now.) This is great, though, and I may take some of these suggestions for 2018!

  8. Razena says:

    I hope that when I review my goals at this time next year I will have achieved as much as you. Will put your Goal setting tips to use to ensure I stay on track.

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