Healthy Thanksgiving Tips- Enjoy the Turkey, Avoid Feeling Stuffed.

Thanksgiving is time to be grateful and spend time with our loved ones, however the festivities tend to add a few extra pounds to our waistline. To help avoid tipping the scale this holiday season, follow these healthy Thanksgiving tips:

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Healthy Lunchbox Inspiration for Kids

Healthy Lunchbox inspiration for kidsTaking the time to get organized and plan healthy lunches for your kids not only ensures they have something nutritious to fill their little tummies – research shows that children’s attention span, concentration and memory are all impacted by the daily nutrition they receive, which makes packing a healthy lunch all the more important.

Yet, if your house is anything like ours trying to come up with a variety of nutritious lunch options that the kids enjoy can be a real challenge.

The good news is packing a wholesome lunch doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a little preparation and some great ideas to build your healthy lunchbox repertoire.   Read on for a list of some healthy family-friendly lunch recipes and snack inspiration.

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Cooking with Berry Nourished

I have been trying some recipes from one my my favoriteimg_1164 cooking blogs:  Berry Nourished.  For those of you not familiar with this blog, Carolyn Berry is a local Registered Dietitian.  Her articles have been featured in the Vancouver Gastropost, and Huffington Post BC.   Carolyn has talked about healthy snacking on CBC News,  and teaches a cooking workshop at Thompson Community Center, called Wealth of Healthy Cooking.  Adrian and I had the pleasure of attending one of these workshops in February.img_6657

I met Carolyn teaching spin class….and like many people in my life 😉 ( how I met Adrian) a friendship blossomed.   I highly recommend checking out her blog, and giving some of her recipes a try.   Below are a couple I recently tried with success.

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