Making a SPLASH at Big Splash WaterPark- My Review

As some of you may already know I have recently become Instagram famous with a repost by @bigsplashpark. ūüėȬ† With my new found fame I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a FUN post. ¬†So if you are looking to make a ¬†splash this summer at the new and improved Big Splash WaterPark read on for my review.

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How do I want to feel in 2017 -6 month Check-In

2017 GoalsI was reluctant to do this point, but it forced me to read my original objective of the year and provided a much needed reminder. At the beginning of this year, I decided that 2017 isn’t just going to be about crossing goals off my list, it’s going to be about how I want to feel.

 For 2017 I want my life to be less about drama and the desire to be in control.  Focusing on nurturing important aspects of myself and my life, such as my well being- mental and physical- my relationships, and my career.  In 2017 I want to feel calm and balanced, I want to forgive the past, release the future and SHOW UP for the present.  

So how have I been doing?

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Healthy Easter tips for Gym Bunnies and Fitness Peeps

This holiday you will most likely be faced with holiday treats, get together with family and friends and you may even be planningHealthy Easter Tips a getaway if you are lucky enough to enjoy a four day weekend.  Here are some simple Easter tips to stay on track with your fitness goals.

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2016 Year End Recap

2016b Year end RecapThe end of the year¬†provides a¬†wonderful opportunity to¬†look back¬†on the¬†last year of experiences and reflect on how they have¬†shaped and changed us.¬† It also signals the start of a¬†new and exciting year full of¬†possibility.¬† Soon I‚Äôll share my goals for 2017 but before I do its good practice to first to look back on the year.¬† Celebrate successes, acknowledge areas where I may have fallen short.¬† Identify what I can improve upon,¬† and simply reflect on the year and the impact it has made.¬† Without further ado….my 2016 Year End Recap

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The holidays are a time when you reflect — on holidays past, the year past, those you have known, and even who you once were. For many, the holidays are very much about memories and traditions formed in childhood.  Our memories make up the story of our life that exists in our mind.   These memories can give us comfort, direction, inspiration, and hope.

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