Negative Self-Talk- Four tips to Turn it Around

Running Negative selftalkA few weeks ago I participated in the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  This was my 5th half marathon, third BMO race, and first postnatal half. In typical BMO style the race was top notch. From package pick up and organization, to the crowd and finish line party.  The difference this  year was my attitude.

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Augusts Goal Check-In 2016

2016 goalsAt the beginning of this year, I declared my goals for 2016 with 5 categories; fitness, family, fun, business, and financial.  I did this with apprehension, uncertain what to expect for the new year with a baby.

We’re 8 months in, and at this point I can confidently say that I’m on the road to finding a hybrid between my past and my future. Continue reading

2016 Goals

2016 GoalsFor the past couple of years I have set goals for 6 categories; personal, family, business, health, spiritual, and financial. I am changing up the categorizes slightly for my 2016 goals; fitness, family, fun, business, and financial.

I am setting my 2016 goals with apprehension; I am uncertain what to expect for this coming year and the changes it will bring. It seems self-defeating to be setting goals for a life that I am familiar with while preparing to enter unfamiliar territory.
With that being said, I will continue to maintain my goal setting practices with the optimism that I will be able to find a hybrid between the present and the future. So without further ado, my 2016 goals…..

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Top 3 Blog Posts of 2015

Top 3 Blog Posts of 2015Tomorrow will be the last day of 2015 so it seems an appropriate time to look back on my first year of blogging.

My new website and blog went live in July of this year, and in just 5 months I have managed to publish 17 posts, achieving 1531 views, 17 comments, and 19 subscribers.  As we close out 2015, I am proud to share with you my top 3 blog posts of the year, we start in no particular order with…… Continue reading

2015 Goals Recap

2015 Goals

2015 Goals

The end of the year provides a wonderful opportunity to look back on the last year of experiences and reflect on how they have shaped and changed us.  It also signals the start of a new and exciting year full of possibility and adventure.

Soon I’ll share my goals for 2016 but before I do its good practice to first to look back on the year.  Celebrate successes, acknowledge areas where I may have fallen short,  identify what I can improve upon,  and simply reflect on the year and the impact it has made.

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