How do I want to feel in 2017 -6 month Check-In

2017 GoalsI was reluctant to do this point, but it forced me to read my original objective of the year and provided a much needed reminder. At the beginning of this year, I decided that 2017 isn’t just going to be about crossing goals off my list, it’s going to be about how I want to feel.

 For 2017 I want my life to be less about drama and the desire to be in control.  Focusing on nurturing important aspects of myself and my life, such as my well being- mental and physical- my relationships, and my career.  In 2017 I want to feel calm and balanced, I want to forgive the past, release the future and SHOW UP for the present.  

So how have I been doing?

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Augusts Goal Check-In 2016

2016 goalsAt the beginning of this year, I declared my goals for 2016 with 5 categories; fitness, family, fun, business, and financial.  I did this with apprehension, uncertain what to expect for the new year with a baby.

We’re 8 months in, and at this point I can confidently say that I’m on the road to finding a hybrid between my past and my future. Continue reading

2016 Goals

2016 GoalsFor the past couple of years I have set goals for 6 categories; personal, family, business, health, spiritual, and financial. I am changing up the categorizes slightly for my 2016 goals; fitness, family, fun, business, and financial.

I am setting my 2016 goals with apprehension; I am uncertain what to expect for this coming year and the changes it will bring. It seems self-defeating to be setting goals for a life that I am familiar with while preparing to enter unfamiliar territory.
With that being said, I will continue to maintain my goal setting practices with the optimism that I will be able to find a hybrid between the present and the future. So without further ado, my 2016 goals…..

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